Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Buuuh :( (New here)

I sat several hours yesterday and wrote on my blogspot and today it is all gone *sob*
Has it happened to anyone of you?
I bought some lovely wine-red colored wool-yarn yesterday but I don't know if it's enough. I'm L-XL and I have about 800-900 gram, if I remember it right it was 350 meters/100 gram. I haven't bought the book yet, it's sold out here in sweden :(

Is there anyone out there who can e-mail me a copy ?


Blogger illanna said...

I'd say you don't need more than 1400 yards or 1280 meters to make a large or extra large. If it's 350 meters per 100 grams, and you have 800 grams, then you have 2800 meters, right? You should definitely have enough.

Sun Feb 20, 04:13:00 PM PST  
Blogger IngelaS said...

I checked and I have 250 gr of 400m/100gr = 1000 m of the winered and 100 gr of purple, but it looks nice together. I found it on sale in a shop for weavers (is that the correct english word?) with wonderful woolyarn. I still haven't got the pattern, I will give up soon... :(

Tue Feb 22, 03:11:00 AM PST  

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