Monday, March 07, 2005

Beginning again

Okay, now I admit, I'm somewhat of a newbie. I began knitting again, after many years, on Thanksgiving. I've mostly made scarves and hats and doodads. The only other sweater I knit was the "To Dye For" sweater in Stitch 'n Bitch and I love it. But it was made using straight needles.

So, I get about four inches of sweater when I realize that it's twisted! Ugh. My 10-year-old son helped me frog it. I said, "I'm a knitting loser." I was joking (mostly) but Travis and my hubby Brian kept saying, "You're not a knitting loser! You're learning." Sweet.

I've started over, have about three rows and don't think I've twisted it this time. Thank goodness I love this Noro iroha yarn! And no problem, now, that I don't have a camera, yet, to photograph my progress. Ha!


Blogger Atouria said...

I think you'll do well with this sweater. This was actually my first one, and it was a joy to work on. The stockinette stitch makes it really easy to visit while you work without missing a beat. The hourglass is great for knitting during movies and all kinds of events. :) You'll have it finished before you know it. Keep it up!

Wed Mar 16, 08:39:00 AM PST  

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